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Send Bulk Message, Schedule Message Reminder, And Create Chat Bot Via WhatsApp Right From Your Click4Wasap Dashboard. Login From Anywhere. No Need To Install At Your Device. Try for 7 Days without Credit Card!

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Learn how this system could leverage your business by transforming your WhatsApp account into powerful notification & chat bot that can be access by multiple users.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply will automatically reply to any WhatsApp message without keywords after specific time.

Auto Reject Call

Reject Call will automatically reject to any WhatsApp Video / Call with Notification Message.

Greeting Message

Greeting Message will send Greeting message for 1st time chat.

Away Message

Away Message will automatically reply to any WhatsApp message during Offline Hours.

Chatbot AI

AI Chatbot enable you to have an AI Assistant that can reply various answer base on prompt that you give.

Sequence Message

Sequence Message enable you to send multiple message at one once with different delay time.


Connect Your Website with Click4Wasap with Outbound Webhook

Cloud Base System

No need to install on your device. you can open Click4Wasap anywhere

Bulk Send WhatsApp

Send bulk message to your prospects and customers with 1 click

Schedule Message Sending

Schedule your time to send messages automatically. This feature is very useful for forgetful or busy persons

Create Autoresponder Chatbot

Create your own chatbot to automatically reply customer’s message on whatsapp

Save Message As Template

You can save a message as caption so that you can use it whenever you need it.

Anti-ban Spintext

Create Spintext so that your message will be different from the previous message

Group Contact Grabber

You can save WhatsApp Group Contact number with 1 click

Attach Image on Chatbot

Make Chatbot more interesting by attach an image to autoreply message
Now your Customer Services are FREE From Very EXHAUSTING Manual Follow-Up Routines !

Learn How Our Click4Wasap
Works & Connect to Your Number

1. Scan your WhatsApp

Connect your phone to Click2Wasap by scan a qrcode of WhatsApp on our dashboard

2. Import Contact

Import your contact number from your database, save it and we are done!

3. Start sending message

Now you can send a test message, schedule message sending, run chat bot or autoresponder

Woocommerce (Completed)

Order Notifications and Automatic Instant Messaging Reminder to your Woocommerce’s Customers are Ready

Shoppegram (Beta)

Order Notifications and Automatic Instant Messaging Reminder to your Shoppegram’s Customers are Ready (Beta)

Elementor (Completed)

Click2Wasap can integrate to Elementor Page Builder especially Form/Contact Widget

Caldera Forms (Completed)

Click2Wasap can integrate with Caldera Forms

WPForm (Completed)

Click2Wasap can integrate with WPForm

Contact 7 Form (Completed)

Click2Wasap can integrate with Contact Form 7

Google Forms (Completed)

Click2Wasap can integrate with Google Forms

HTML, PHP, SQL (Completed)

Click2Wasap can integrate to your custom website or web apps (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, SQL, etc)

SMS Gateway (Coming Soon)

Click2Wasap will integrate with SMS Gateway soon

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Click4Wasap is a platform that allow your to automate your WhatsApp account into chatbot, autoresponder, scheduler and multi-customer services.

Just scan your WhatsApp Account (both Normal/Business), and turn your WhatsApp into automation marketing tool.

Click4Wasap will use your custom or personal number(s)

Yes, you can. 
You need to connect with Multi Device WhatsApp to use our system.

Multi Device WhatsApp can connect to 4 different devices.

No, we are a separated company which only automates your normal WhatsApp applications to send messages without have to typing manually by Owner / Customer Service
No you’re not ! This service is not intended to do SPAM / send random messages that are not desired by the recipient (Unsolicited Message).
As a WhatsApp normal rule for sending Instant Messaging messages to people who have not saved your contact yet, then the risk is still exist if in a sufficient number of customers either intentionally / accidentally click ‘spam’ or ‘report’ in the message that you send, even though the possibilities are very small especially if you use WhatsApp for Business, This risk is further reduced by giving you the option to include a checklist on your store’s checkout page which asking for approval to send order details to their WhatsApp account.

You can sign up for Trial Package and try for 7 days!

If you want to send more, just upgrade to available package at very cheap price in the market.

Malaysia’s #1 Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Services Provider.

Automation System on WhatsApp that will make you happy without having to worry about sending promotion to everyone with a few clicks!