Integration - Ordersini

Integration Ordersini features enable you to send WhatsApp Notification for OnPay Order to your customer or seller.

Step 1. Integrations > Ordersini


Step 2. Create New List Site

Step 3. Enter Website Detail

  • Choose Active for Status
  • Select Website Logo
  • Insert Website Name
  • Insert Website Link
  • Insert Website Currency

Step 4. API & Webhook Token


At Ordersini dashboard, go to “Setting > Profile


Copy API Token API (OnPay dashboard)


Paste Token API Token at List Site (Click4Wasap)

Step 5. Select WhatsApp Senders

If you select multiple number, it will automatically rotate to send the WhatsApp Notification.

Please SAVE if done.



Copy webhook url at list site



Go to “Setting > Webhook” , click “Add New” button (OnPay dashboard)


  • Tick related “Status & Events”
  • Paste webhook URL
  • Choose “item”
  • Click on “Update”

Step 7. Create Dummy Order at Ordersini


Step 8. Check List Incoming


You will get a data at List Incoming if your setting is correct after dummy order was placed.


If you have multiple website / form, you can view Incoming List at List Site so that you will only view that website / form incoming list only.

Step 9. Copy Variable


At Incoming List, click View at Variable to get all the variables available for your Ordersini site.


“client-full-name” : “Admin”

  • “order-id”: 1406498
  • 1406498 – is “order-id” data
  • change “order-id” into [order-id]

Please use [ ] for all your variable at List Template Caption.

“order-id” —-> [order-id]

Step 10. List Template


Integrations > OnPay > List Template>Add New Template


Fill in the detail needed

  • Choose suitable event
  • You can sent either to your Customer or Seller / Staff
  • Choose Order status

You can insert variable at Text & Media Caption.

You can choose to send the notification Instantly or delay it (Follow Up)

Step 11. Create Dummy Order again at Ordersini


Make a dummy order again to check your setup

Step 12. List Outgoing


You will get a data at List Incoming & List Outgoing (Must setup List Template) if your setting is correct after dummy order was placed.

You can check at RESPONSE for the reason if your status is FAIL.