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Upgrade Package

a. How to Upgrade Package

Upload Contact

a. How to Import Contact

Make sure you already scan your WhatsApp. If still not please follow step here
Menu > WhatsApp > Choose WhatsApp Profile / Number > Bulk Messaging > Contact Group > Add new

b. How to Export Contact

c. How to Export Contact From WhatsApp Group

d. Button Copy Group ID

Click4Wasap now has a button to copy WhatsApp Group ID.
This feature let you easily  copy/get your WhatsApp Group ID  with just a single click of a button
You can now easily sent message to your WhatsApp group by using API with their Group ID

e. How To Get Device Contact

  1. If you are an existing user, please logout and re-scan your WhatsApp
  2. Choose bulk message
  3. Choose Device Contacts
  4. Click on Sync contacts

Upload File

a. How to Upload File

Save Caption

a. How to Save Caption

Reject WhatsApp Call (new)

a. How To Reject WhatsApp Call


b. How to Setup Location Template

You can learn how to create a Location Template here. This template is needed if you want to use List Message for Campaign, Chatbot or Autoresponder


a. How to Setup Contact Template

You can learn how to create a Contact Template here. This template is needed if you want to use List Message for Campaign, Chatbot or Autoresponder


Sending Bulk Message

a. How to Send Campaign

To check/see sent message with button, please check on WhatsApp web or if you want to check  on phone, open the sender number chat (your own number)

b. How to Use Spintext & Variable

c. Spintax And Variable

spintext :
group of words which have similar meanings (synonyms) separated by “|” which aims to do spin / random words so that the template sent to number A is not identical to the one sent to numbers B and C and D and so on, the example of the application is as follows,“{Hello|Good morning|Hi} my customer”, when you do the broadcast it will bring up variations:a) Hello my customer
b) Good morning my customer
c) Hi my customer

variables :
we can call data in the contact list using variables by writing “%varx%”, x is the order of variables from left to right after the variable %no_wa%, for example: “60123456789,Ahmad,t-shirt,RM40”then when we write %no_wa% in the broadcast template, it will appear 60123456789, when writing %var1% then it will appear Ahmad, %var2% t-shirt, and %var3% RM40.The purpose of the two elements above (spintext and variables), are to reduce the risk of whatsapp numbers been banned ’cause of broadcasts activity, because one of banned number’s main reason is the number send bulk identical messages in the same time.

You can use %waname% to display the recipient whatsapp name;

for button & list, you can write %waname% on their template

d. How to Duplicate Campaign

e. Bulk Time Schedule (NEW)


a. How to Setup Chatbot

Chatbot will reply only to message containing a specific keyword. (You have to set a keyword for the chatbot)

b. How to Setup Chatbot with Button

  1. Go to Template tab -> Button Message Template -> Add New
  2. Setup the message template (caption, attachment, footer, button, etc.) and click Submit to save
  3. Go to Chatbot tab -> Add New
  4. Setup the chatbot name and keyword(s)
  5. go to Buttons, choose a template and click Save
  6. *IMPORTANT* Create a different Template Name on each template

To check/see sent message with button, please check on WhatsApp web or if you want to check  on phone, please open the sender number chat (your own number)

you can only create a maximum of 3 button max per message/replies

If you want to create more than 3 button, create 2 or more different chatbot with a same keyword(s) and 2 or more different button template (button 1 -3, 4 – 6, and so on)

But we recommend you to use list Message instead as it is more easier to make and the message will be looking better

c. How to Setup List Chatbot

  1. Go to Template tab -> List Message Template -> Add New
  2. Setup the message template (title, description, button, section, etc.) and click Submit to save
  3. Go to Chatbot tab -> Add New
  4. Setup the chatbot name and keyword(s)
  5. go to List Message, choose a template and click Save
  6. *IMPORTANT* Create a different Template Name on each template

d. Chatbot Flows Overview

e. Setup Chatbot With Delay

How To Setup Delays :

  • Delay format :  _[5]_  5 represents seconds, you can change the value accordingly
  • Example : _[3]_ (your chatbot/list will wait 3 second before sending replies)
  • For Button and List add the delay on the Template tab
  • Maximum time for delay is 25 seconds _[25]_

f. Connect To Next Chatbot (NEW)

g. How to Use Capture Data Function

WhatsApp Capture Data From Chat
Capture all the valuable information you want from your customers via WhatsApp chat and export it to an Excel file.

h. How to Export Captured Data

i. Import/Export Chatbot


  1. You’ll need to use Import/Export Chatbot Features when changing a different Click4Wasap account / Instance ID

j. Chatbot Data API (NEW)

k. Duplicate Chatbot (NEW)

l. Chatbot Keyword Type

-Exact Match = bot will reply if your customer sends a message with the exact same words without any other attribute, for example:
–keyword (exact match): ‘hi bot’
–response: ‘heellooo there, anything we can help?’
with this settings then when your customer sends a message “Haalooo bot” or “Haihai bot” or “hi bot click4wasap”, the response will not works, it will only works if the incoming message match exactly “hi bot”.

-Contain: bot will reply if your customer sends a message that contains certain keywords according to the settings no matter the position is, in front, middle, or at the end of sentences, and also doesn’t have to be exactly match the keyword, for example:
–keyword (contain) = ‘discount’
–response = ‘for you, I can give you a 30% discount but only until 10:00 this morning’
with this settings, then when your customer writes “Discounting available?” or “do you have discount program?” or “give me a discount!”, the bot will still give a response because all sentences contain an element of ‘discount’ even not exact match and also not start with it at front.


    when using Contain Type, do not set single word or short sentence for keyword (example ; a, b, c, hi, ok) because if you do, the chatbot will sent multiple reply depending on the message received. example; if you set the keyword as above and your customer send “hi, your software is broken” the chatbot will sent reply 4 times because the message contain 4 of the keyword (“hi”,”a”,”b”,”ok”)

m. Chatbot BUG

BUG : Double Reply from Chatbot

If you encounter double reply from Click4Wasap Bot, please logout your WhatsApp from our website, NOT FROM YOUR PHONE.

After logout from our system, please check the session at your WhatsApp (Phone) and remove it.

Please don’t delete your account at our website!

Please wait 3-5 minutes BEFORE Rescan your WhatsApp at our system.


a. How to Setup Autoresponder

Autoresponder will automatically reply to any WhatsApp message once activated. You don’t need to specify a keyword for AutoResponder unlike ChatBot

Use Button or List For Autoresponder :

  1. Go to “Template” tab -> choose “List Message Template” or “Button Message Template”  -> click “Add New”
  2. Setup the message template and click Submit to save
  3. Go to “Autoresponder” tab -> choose “Buttons” or “List Message”
  4. choose a “Template” that you’ve made and click “Submit” to save
  5. *IMPORTANT* Create a different Template Name on each template

b. Autoresponder Timer (NEW)

Campaign Report

a. How to Download Campaign Report

Integration (NEW)

a. Integration WooCommerce

order.created ; 
– only applied on the order that is automatically created by woocommerce
– only applied to the order with status that is updated/changed to different status
– only applied to specific order that is not order.created nor order.updated


Recheck Order Status;
– C4W will send this template message after the “Time Send” set regardless of the order status at that time
– After the “Time Send” set, C4W will “Recheck” the order status again. Message will not be sent if the order status has changed


Button & List Are Depreciated

Due to constant update from WhatsApp that keep blocking list and button features, we decide to remove these features from our app. As unofficial WhatsApp API, we have our limitation as WhatsApp only allow list and button for official only.
We will remove the features from our app on 1 August 2023. If you have any template that using list and button, please change it to normal text chatbot.
We are very sorry for the inconvenient and will improve our service from time to time.


  • If you are Trying to send Bulk, WARNING! Don’t Use Important Number!  and Never use newly activated numbers for sending bulk if you really want to send bulk promotion to your customer Buy New sim use 7-30 Days and follow warm up number method
  • We noticed that WhatsApp made ban politics much more severe. Now, you can get banned right after registering a new number and then scanning a QR-code from the WhatsApp Web Client.
  • To lower the risks of getting banned, we recommend taking a 24 hour break between registration and scanning the QR in the web client or in your personal account on our website.
  • [Respect Users Privacy!] Send Only Relative Message if they are interested
  • [Address by name] The first contact with the customer is very important. Try to address to the customer by name. Thus you will increase the conversion of customer responses. Additionally, you make each message unique, which has a positive effect on the number blocking resistance.
  • [Question in the first message] – In the very first message, explicitly request permission to send messages to the customer. It is important here to ensure that the customer enters into a dialogue with your number (bot) and at least replies something. This will help you achieve a good response ratio and drop out negatively minded customers.
    Before sending a message, we recommend making a dialogue of the form:

Andrew, good afternoon! Do you want to receive an electronic invoice from My Company LLP?

  • [Short messages] – Instead of one heavy message, send several small messages. This style is more like real communication than automated mailing.

Warm up New WhatsApp Number

The longer the number is registered with WhatsApp, the more resistant it is to blocking. If you have just registered a new number, then it is the most vulnerable, we recommend that you start warming up only the next day after creating a WhatsApp account. You need to be especially careful during the first 10 days of the number use. You should gradually “warm up” the number.

During the first 10 days of the number use:

  • do not send messages through the instance and do not create groups immediately after connecting, it is recommended to start sending messages the next day
  • Please use phone only, not from WhatsApp Web or software
  • no more than 20 new recipients per day
  • at least 200 conversation per day

WhatsApp Rules Update March 3rd, 2019

  • Connect WhatsApp numbers which already >30 days old or has been used as human normal activities such as reply chats, save contact, join group, send photos, scan qr code on personal desktop whatsapp, fill in profile details, and other types of activities in WhatsApp chat application,
  • Avoid sending spam messages  that are not desired by the recipient,
  • Make informed consent or request permission to the recipient of the message who state that they are willing to be sent messages via WhatsApp,
  • Avoid sending messages in more than 400 messages/hour,
  • Avoid sending messages with words or sentences that are 100% identical to >20 numbers in same time.
    Please use personalize such as Firstname, Last Name or Fullname.
    Spintext is very important.


  • We recommend you to setup Autoresponder so that whenever you receive a message, the Autoresponder reply will be your first message

  • Our system cannot decrypt the message as event in Whatsapp web. It will show like the picture above.
  • Usually this happened because either the phone is disconnected/offline or you send/receive the message to/from new number for the first time
  • This also could happen if both the sender and recipient are using a different version of WhatsApp
  • Old Number which you had good enough WhatsApp conversation through mobile itself
  • Never use newly activated number for sending bulk message
  • Never SPAM


Has this happened to you already? Do not worry, follow these steps to reactivate your Phone number and solve WhatsApp Ban.

If you become banned, you’ll receive the following message from within WhatsApp: “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” WhatsApp will ban you if they believe you have violated the ethical guideline like sending spam messages. However, you will still be able to unban your WhatsApp account by following these steps.

  • Uninstall WhatsApp Application on your mobile phone
  • Now open the App Store and download the WhatsApp and re-install the WhatsApp newest version
  • Re-enter your mobile phone number and these following display will appear:

  1. When you open the WhatsApp, you will see a message box with options, there click support.
  2. Now you will be redirected to the WhatsApp support page.
  3. Here you will find a number of options just click the last one “You question isn’t mentioned here”
  4. You see a mail compose page.

You can write a mail saying that “I did not know the ToS also the number is new to my Contacts. But I sent the messages only to the known people. I request you to please unban me”. You can also try any other message based on your convenience.

Wait for 48 hours till then do not register your number on WhatsApp. After 48 hours try registering, there are good chances that your WhatsApp may be unlocked.