WA Labels

WA Labels enable you to view all your WhatsApp Business Label. You can easily Import all your Label contact to your Contact Groups using Assign Contact Features.

Please note that this features only available for WhatsApp Business and you must already create label.

Step 1. WhatsApp > Contact > WA Labels

Step 2. Label List

Step 3. WA Labels List

Click on WA Labels List to view all your WhatsApp Business Labels

You can search and select contact that you want to assign to Contact Groups

Step 4. Assign Contact To Contact Groups

Click on Assign Contacts Button at WA Contacts Menu

Select your contact group. Please make sure you already have Contact Group. If you don’t have any, please create before you can use assign contact features.

Click on Assign Button

Step 5. View Contact Groups

Go to Contact groups Menu and check group that you assign before

You can edit or delete your contact