Setup Chatbot

Chatbot will reply only to message containing a specific keyword. (You have to set a keyword for the chatbot)

Click4Wasap have very powerful chatbot that can set AI (OpenAI ChatGPT), && and negative keywords!

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Step 1. WhatsApp > Features > Chatbot


Step 2. Choose WA Account & Add New Chatbot


Step 3. Setup Chatbot keywords


  • You can send to Individual, Group or All
  • You can choose keyword Type : Exact Match, Contain, Start With or End With
  • Enter your keywords (for contain type, you can use && and negative keywords)


&& is for combination of word “a” and “b”. For example, you put keyword : hi&&you

Senario A
When someone send you message : Hi, how are you?
Chatbot will detect it as keyword and will reply it.

Senario B
When someone send you message : Hi, today?
Chatbot will NOT detect it as keyword and will NOT reply it.

  • You can set Presence Delay up to 25 seconds (must choose Typing or Recording, if Disable, it will not work)
  • Choose Template type

Negative Keywords


Negative keyword is like a filter for any word that you don’t want the chatbot to run when someone chat you. It will exclude all word that contain the word. Remember, negative keywords help you fine-tune your chatbot’s responses and exclude specific words or phrases. Now your chatbot will be smarter and more precise in its interactions! 🤖📲

  • Use for Contain Type
  • Can use &&

Keyword : register
Negative keyword : belum, not, dont wait

If someone chat you

belum register
not register yet
I dont want to register

Your chatbot won’t reply to that chat even though it contain word “register”


Step 4. Click Submit Button

Step 5. Enable Chatbot Status

Please make sure you enable your chatbot for your account or your chatbot won’t run

Advance Features

These features are optional.

✅Capture Data – click here
✅Sequence Message – click here
✅Next Bot Action – click here
✅Notification Message – click here
✅Labels Manager – click here
✅Contacts Manager – click here