Contacts Manager

Contacts Manager features allow you to add the contact into your Contact groups when someone trigger your chatbot or other features.

You can use Contacts Manager at below features :

✅Auto Reply
✅Reject Call
✅Greeting Message
✅Away Message

Step 1. Enable Contacts Manager

Step 2. Assign / Remove Contact Groups

You can choose multiple Contact Groups that you want to Assign / Remove

Step 3. Contact Groups Variable

You can use below variables :

  • [wa_phone] – return user phone number
  • [wa_name] – return user display name
  • [wa_message] – return user message
  • [me_phone] – return your phone number
  • [me_name] – return your display name
  • [now_format|en|DD MMM YYYY, HH:mm] – return time now with language

If you want the variable to be fixed, please tick ✅

Normally fixed variable is 1st message, 1st date.

Below is the example :

Step 4. Exclude Contact Groups

If you want to send only once to the contact, you can put the contact group that you already assign to Except Contact Groups.