Notification Message

Notification Message features allow you to notify another WhatsApp Numbers / WhatsApp Groups when someone trigger your chatbot or other features.

You can use Notification Message at below features :

✅Auto Reply
✅Reject Call
✅Greeting Message
✅Away Message

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Step 1. Enable Notification Message

Step 2. Choose WA Contacts / WA Groups

You can choose multiple WA Contacts / WA Groups that you want to notify

Step 3. Setup Message

You can use below variables inside your message :

  • [greet|good morning|0-11|good afternoon|12-13|good evening|14-18|good night|19-23] – return greet acording your timezone. you can change good morning  and time to your own text.
  • [wa_phone] – return user phone number
  • [wa_name] – return user display name
  • [wa_message] – return user message
  • [me_phone] – return your phone number
  • [me_name] – return your display name
  • [now_format|en|DD MMM YYYY, HH:mm] – return time now with language

Below is the example of the message :