Sequence Message

Sequence Message is an Super Advance Features and Game Changer to all Features especially Chatbot & Bulk Messaging. You can send multiple message with different delay time without need to create so many Chatbot or Bulk Messaging.

Sequence Message is available for below features:

✅Auto Reply
✅Reject Call
✅Greeting Message
✅Away Message
✅Bulk Messaging

Step 1. Remove Multiple Chatbot With Same Keyword!

If you are using our V1 version, you probably export & import Chatbot JSON and your old chatbot have multiple chatbot that have same keyword (To send multiple message when a keyword is sent)

You can delete the other chatbot with same keyword and leave just 1 chatbot

Step 2. Features > Sequence Message

Click Add New Sequence

Name your sequence and click Create button

Step 3. Add Sequence Message

You can start adding your sequence message by click on + button

  • Edit your message and click Save if done.
  • If you want to add more, just click + button or you can copy and paste existing sequence message.

Step 4. Copy & Paste Sequence Message

If you want to copy existing sequence message, just use copy icon and click OK

You can paste at any sequence by click on paste icon. New Copied sequence will appear at below sequence that you paste

Step 5. Make Sure No Error

If you save a non complete sequence, it will show error

Only no error sequence will be send, please make sure you edit the sequence

Step 6. Choose Sequence Message


Go to Sequence Message section at any features and choose the sequence that you already created

Duplicate Sequence Message

You can duplicate Sequence Message using Duplicate icon

Example Bulk Message + Sequence Message

You can send multiple message using Bulk Messaging Features + Sequence Message Features