Away Message

Away Message will automatically reply to any WhatsApp message during specific time. You don’t need to specify a keyword for Away Message unlike Chat Bot. Away Message use Offline Hours for Schedule Time Option.

Step 1. WhatsApp > Features > Away Message

Step 2. Choose WA Account

Step 3. Change Status to Enable

  • You can send to Individual, Group or All
  • Choose Template type
  • You can choose to Resubmit message after few minute (up to 3600 minutes)
  • You can Exclude Contact groups that you don’t want them to receive Away Message

Advance Features

  • Enable Sequence Message if you want to send multiple message (refer here)
  • Enable Notification Message if you want to send notification to your number or group (refer here)
  • Enable Contact Manager if you want to add the number into Contact Groups (refer here)
  • Enable Schedule Time if you want only send Auto Reply after Working Hours (refer here)

Step 4. Click Submit Button