How To Avoid Ban

Please Read And Follow Before You Want To Use Bulk Messaging Features (Blaster)
If you follow all the step, you can greatly reduce the chance of getting ban. Most of the ban comes from the user that you send the message (they report and block your number)

This happen because they :

  1. Not know who is the sender
  2. Don’t like the content that you send
  3. Keep getting SPAM message and annoyed
  4. Does not have Opt Out option

So, What you need to do are just follow the step below.

Step 1. Send Intro & Permission Message

Senario 1 : You get database from somewhere and they don’t know you

Before you send them any promotional message, please introduce yourself and ask their permission if they like to receive any notification, promotional or any message from you. Tell them from where you get their number so they won’t label you as spammer.

Example :
Hi, Im Sarah from XYZ Company. I got your contact number from ABC Group. Our Company is selling XXX Product.
Did you mind if I send you a promotional message?

Step 2. Opt Out Option Message

Give them an opt out option so that they feel secure and not report/block your WhatsApp number.

Example :
If you don’t want to receive any further message from me, please reply *STOP*
Sorry for the inconvenient 🙏

Step 3. STOP Chatbot

Create a chatbot to reply the opt out option. Refer here to create a Chatbot.

Step 4. Unsubscribe Contact Group

Create a Contact Group, example “Unsubscribe” so that you can auto assign them at chatbot and exclude at bulk messaging. Refer here to create a Contact Group.

Step 5. Setup Contact Manager

Go to “STOP” chatbot, enable the Contact Manager Option, Refer here to setup.

Choose “Unsubscribe” Contact Group that you already create at Assign to Contact Group Option.

Step 6. Exclude Unsubscribe at Bulk Messaging

Each time you want to blast a message, make sure you add “Unsubscribe” Contact Group at Except Contact Groups Features. Refer here to use Except Contact Groups features.