Duplicate and Edit Campaign

You can Duplicate, Edit, Restart, Enable or Disable and Delete any campaign at Click4Wasap.
You can also view your Pending Contacts, Failed Contacts and Campaign Report.

1. Duplicate

You can duplicate existing campaign by using Duplicate button

2. Edit

You can edit existing campaign by using Edit button

3. Restart

You can resend existing campaign by using Restart button

4. Enable

You can enable campaign by using On/Off button

5. Disable

You can off campaign by using On/Off button

6. Delete

You can delete existing campaign by using Delete button

7. Pending Contacts

You can check pending contacts by using Pending Contacts button

8. Failed Contacts

You can check failed contacts by using Failed Contacts button

  • Download the failed contact excel
  • Create new Contact Group and Duplicate the campaign
  • Edit the campaign, choose the failed contact groups

9. Campaign Report

You can check all campaign report by downloading the excel

If you want report by date, you can click report button at search bar

Choose your date & click Report button to download your report