Convert Audio To Voice

To send an audio as a voice at WhatsApp, you must convert the audio file to OGG Format before upload at File Manager.

Step 1. Go to convertio.co

You can search convertio.co MP3 to OGG Converter at google or just (click here)

Step 2. Choose Audio Format

Choose your audio format that you want to convert.

Step 3. Change Settings

Please make sure you change the setting exactly the same as above

Step 4. Change Settings

Choose your file that you want to convert.

Make sure the format is same as you choose before.

Step 5. Convert Audio

Click on Convert button to convert your audio.

Step 6. Download Voice

Click on Download button

Step 7. Upload Voice To File Manager

Upload OGG File to File Manager

Step 8. Setup At Text & Media

At Presence Delay , you can use Recording for Voice or Audio