New Features Added Into Our System.

1. Multi Port

Click4Wasap server now run on a multiple different port,
You can choose to change to a different port if you felt that your current port is slow

Tutorial Link :

2. Preview Message On All WhatsApp Feature

Click4Wasap now has a feature that let you see a preview of what your message will look like.
You can see the preview when you edit on any Click4Wasap feature (autoresponder, chatbot, bulk messaging, template)

Tutorial Link :

3. Autoresponder Timer

Click4Wasap Autoresponder now has a timer feature which let you set when your Autoresponder will be active Depend on Time you set.
You can now set your Autoresponder to active after your Working Hour and vice versa without having to turn on/off your Autoresponder everytime

Tutorial Link :

4. Bulk Time Schedule

Click4Wasap Bulk Messaging now has a “Time Schedule” Feature.
You can now setting up Time Schedule when doing Bulk Messaging campaign to make your campaign rest/sleep periodically.
Your campaign will active and blast message only during the time you set on schedule

Example : 
if you set Time Schedule : 10p.m – 11p.m &  6a.m – 7a.m
That Campaign will only sent message at 10p.m – 11p.m and 6a.m – 7a.m
No message will be sent outside of the time frame you’ve set

Tutorial Link :

5. Connect To Next Chatbot

Click4Wasap Chatbot now has a Connect to Next Chatbot feature.
This feature let you easily  connect your Chatbot to another/next Chatbot 
You can now easily connect multiple of your Click4Wasap Chatbot together

Tutorial Link :

6. Chatbot Data API

Click4Wasap Chatbot now have REST API feature.
This feature let user with knowledge of using API to integrate their skill & knowledge into their Chatbot

Tutorial Link :

7. Duplicate Chatbot

Click4Wasap Chatbot now has a Duplicate Chatbot feature.
This feature let you easily  duplicate your Chatbot with just a single click of a button
You can now easily create multiple Chatbot by duplicating your existing Chatbot. You just need to make some adjustment whenever you want to make a new Chatbot

Tutorial Link :

8. Button Copy Group ID

Click4Wasap now has a button to copy WhatsApp Group ID.
This feature let you easily  copy/get your WhatsApp Group ID  with just a single click of a button
You can now easily sent message to your WhatsApp group by using API with their Group ID

Tutorial Link :

9. Integration

Click4Wasap now has Integration feature for user with WordPress Website. (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ADVANCE, PRO, BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE, PREMIUM, & ULTIMATE PACKAGE)
This feature let you automatically sent out notification to you and your customer whenever they order/purchase from your website by connecting your website with Click4Wasap 
You can now automatically get or sent WhatsApp notification easily

Tutorial Link :

10. Affiliate

Click4Wasap now offer Affiliate system to all of our user (NOT AVAILABLE FOR STARTER PACKAGE)

Affiliate Partner Reward;
Tier :
Tier 1 – RM 0 -> RM 100
Tier 2 – RM 100.01 -> RM 500
Tier 3 – Above RM 500.01

Commission (percent of Total downline payment of the month) :
Tier 1 – 10%
Tier 2 – 15%
Tier 3 – 20%

Tutorial Link :

Bug Fix

1. Fix Autoresponder Resubmit Message

Autoresponder resubmit message are now FIXED
Autoresponder now no longer sent duplicate after server reset
Unlike previously where autoresponder will send another reply after server reset which make the recipient receive multiple autoresponder message

2. Fix Delay Typing Chatbot List Message 

Delay typing chatbot for list message are now fixed

Delay function can now be used on Chatbot list message
max delay : 25 Seconds _[25]_

3. Mobile glitch when click button edit / duplicate / add new / update

Glitch when clicking button edit/duplicate/add new/update on mobile are now FIXED

4. FIX API limited GET URL query

Previous API limited length GET URL query are now FIXED
now you can use POST for long query