c. Spintax And Variable

spintext :
group of words which have similar meanings (synonyms) separated by “|” which aims to do spin / random words so that the template sent to number A is not identical to the one sent to numbers B and C and D and so on, the example of the application is as follows,“{Hello|Good morning|Hi} my customer”, when you do the broadcast it will bring up variations:a) Hello my customer
b) Good morning my customer
c) Hi my customer

variables :
we can call data in the contact list using variables by writing “%varx%”, x is the order of variables from left to right after the variable %no_wa%, for example: “60123456789,Ahmad,t-shirt,RM40”then when we write %no_wa% in the broadcast template, it will appear 60123456789, when writing %var1% then it will appear Ahmad, %var2% t-shirt, and %var3% RM40.The purpose of the two elements above (spintext and variables), are to reduce the risk of whatsapp numbers been banned ’cause of broadcasts activity, because one of banned number’s main reason is the number send bulk identical messages in the same time.

You can use %waname% to display the recipient whatsapp name;

for button & list, you can write %waname% on their template