b. How to Setup Chatbot with Button

  1. Go to Template tab -> Button Message Template -> Add New
  2. Setup the message template (caption, attachment, footer, button, etc.) and click Submit to save
  3. Go to Chatbot tab -> Add New
  4. Setup the chatbot name and keyword(s)
  5. go to Buttons, choose a template and click Save
  6. *IMPORTANT* Create a different Template Name on each template

To check/see sent message with button, please check on WhatsApp web or if you want to check  on phone, please open the sender number chat (your own number)

you can only create a maximum of 3 button max per message/replies

If you want to create more than 3 button, create 2 or more different chatbot with a same keyword(s) and 2 or more different button template (button 1 -3, 4 – 6, and so on)

But we recommend you to use list Message instead as it is more easier to make and the message will be looking better