l. Chatbot Keyword Type

-Exact Match = bot will reply if your customer sends a message with the exact same words without any other attribute, for example:
–keyword (exact match): ‘hi bot’
–response: ‘heellooo there, anything we can help?’
with this settings then when your customer sends a message “Haalooo bot” or “Haihai bot” or “hi bot click4wasap”, the response will not works, it will only works if the incoming message match exactly “hi bot”.

-Contain: bot will reply if your customer sends a message that contains certain keywords according to the settings no matter the position is, in front, middle, or at the end of sentences, and also doesn’t have to be exactly match the keyword, for example:
–keyword (contain) = ‘discount’
–response = ‘for you, I can give you a 30% discount but only until 10:00 this morning’
with this settings, then when your customer writes “Discounting available?” or “do you have discount program?” or “give me a discount!”, the bot will still give a response because all sentences contain an element of ‘discount’ even not exact match and also not start with it at front.


    when using Contain Type, do not set single word or short sentence for keyword (example ; a, b, c, hi, ok) because if you do, the chatbot will sent multiple reply depending on the message received. example; if you set the keyword as above and your customer send “hi, your software is broken” the chatbot will sent reply 4 times because the message contain 4 of the keyword (“hi”,”a”,”b”,”ok”)